Sex video case not closed, more evidence welcome, says IGP

Inspector-General of Polilce Abdul Hamid Bador rejects claims of political interference in the gay sex video case.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have not closed investigations into a gay sex video clip allegedly involving a federal minister, and welcome more evidence, the Inspector-General of Police, Abdul Hamid Bador, said today.

“The case is not closed,” he told reporters today. “We leave it at that until we can get new evidence on that,” he said, in the wake of a decision by the Attorney-General, Tommy Thomas, not to prosecute the case.

Hamid said he understood the predicament of the Attorney-General, who has said the individuals in the video clip could not be conclusively identified because of the poor resolution of the video.

In June, a former PKR divisional youth leader, Haziq Aziz, had claimed he was one of the people in the clips and had named PKR deputy president and economic affairs minister Azmin Ali as the other person in the video.

Azmin has strenuously denied the allegation, and has said that the video was a “nefarious plot” to kill his political career.

Hamid said: “I understand the AG’s predicament not to prosecute this case as there is not enough evidence about the identity (of the people in the video).”

“Two firms were engaged by the police to analyse the video and they came up with the same answer. The foreign firms came up with the same deduction – the resolution was not clear enough.

“The case is not closed,” he added.

In response to claims by opposition politicians of political interference in the investigation, Hamid denied any suggestion that the police were anything but professional.

“We are not trying to play politics,” said Hamid. “We are following steps that have long been established. That’s the norm. So don’t jump to conclusions.”