In Sabah, Anwar says he’ll take over top post in Dr M’s ‘own volition’

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim addresses a crowd of about 1,000 residents at Kampung Pimping in Kimanis, Sabah, tonight.

KIMANIS: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim wants a peaceful transition of power from Dr Mahathir Mohamad to him, saying he prefers “the prime minister’s own volition”.

Anwar said matters concerning taking over the prime minister’s position should be discussed “amicably and peacefully” despite pressure from some PKR leaders for a speedy transition.

“The transition must be done in the best possible way. We need to be reminded that Dr Mahathir has much experience and (has made many) contributions.

“We (Pakatan Harapan) have our unity. I don’t agree if the process is done in conflict and improperly.

“Such matters must be done amicably and, to my mind, in Dr Mahathir’s own volition to avoid future negative misinterpretation,” he told reporters after speaking at a ceramah at Kampung Pimping here tonight.

Mahathir had said earlier today he was prepared to give up his position any moment the PH presidential council demanded it.

His response came after several PKR MPs had proposed for him to hand over the reins to Anwar in May.

Separately, Anwar said action should be taken against any party leader found breaking the law.

Asked to comment on reports that several individuals had been arrested in a raid in Puchong, Selangor, he said there should be no room for any party and its leaders seen as not firm in dealing with matters like criminal offences and corruption.

Commenting on claims that there were individuals plotting to tarnish the reputation of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Latheefa Koya, he said he was following the issue closely.

“I don’t have much details but I am following the case closely. Nobody deserves to have their image or personal lives tarnished,” he said.

Earlier, Anwar urged Kampung Pimping residents to vote for Warisan candidate Karim Bujang in the Kimanis by-election on Saturday to ensure development and progress in the constituency.

He also said he was giving his support to Warisan president Shafie Apdal and to Mahathir, adding that the day would come when he would need their support, and the support of all Sabahans, when he became the prime minister.