Cops seize RM145 mil worth of drugs, some sent via courier service

IGP Hamid Bador with the 1,500kg of drugs found in three homes in the Klang Valley.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have seized more than 1,500 kgs of drugs worth RM145 million, which they said could have been potentially consumed by 6.5 million drug users.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said some of the packages were sent to a house through courier services.

“These drugs were found at residential homes,” he said adding that there was no foul smell of drugs to alert residents nearby of any illegal activities at these homes.

During a press conference to show the seized drugs, he said the one day raid on Jan 13 was carried out at a terrace house and two condominiums in Kepong, Sentul and Selayang.

Police detained seven local men, one local woman and a foreigner, aged between 23 to 50, during the raids. They have been remanded for seven days till Jan 20.

IGP Hamid Bador with one of the drug packages sent through courier service.

Police seized RM15.5 million worth of syabu, RM825,000 worth of heroin, RM153,000 worth of ketamine, and RM1.2 million worth of cocaine. The remainder are ecstasy pills.

Hamid said if the police had failed to detect the shipments, the smugglers would have been instant millionaires at the expense of 6.5 million users.

He said police would also be meeting courier service providers tomorrow as some of the packages had been sent through their services.

Boxes of Eramin 5 pills found in a house by police

“We would need their assistance in tracking these types of packages,” he added.

Asked about the reason more drugs were being seized since he became the top policeman last May, he said more people were coming forward with information.

Some of the drugs were smuggled using courier service.

“It is also because of the hard work of my officers,” he said, while thanking the public for coming forward with the information.

In September 2019, police foiled an attempt to smuggle more than 12 metric tonnes of cocaine worth RM2.4 billion into the country, making it the largest drug haul in the country’s history.

Hamid had previously said the drug situation in the country was at a critical condition and if it was not stopped Malaysia could be the next “Colombia”.

Some of the drugs were made to look like Chinese New Year crackers to avoid detection.