Stop using VVIP names to hunt in restricted areas, says top cop

IGP Abdul Hamid Bador says tightening of hunting conditions in the firearms permit would be carried out in stages.

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador is determined to either phase out or tighten hunting conditions for licensed weapon owners to stop indiscriminate hunting, including for wild boars.

Till then, he warned hunters to stop using names of VVIPs to hunt in restricted areas.

“It’s high time Malaysians stopped hunting as a hobby. Please stop it lah.

“We have enough food, including meat, sold in cans, be it chicken, beef or mutton,” he said at a press conference at the Police Training Centre.

He said even wild boars had a role to play in the eco-system as they were one of the main food sources for tigers.

“To those who want to eat wild boars, there is enough pork in the city,” he said.

Earlier, he had a closed-door meeting with the Customs Department and the Wildlife and National Parks Department, Federal Territory, on ways to protect wildlife in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

Monthly meetings will be held on the issue and this will be followed by joint operations under Operasi Bersepadu Khazanah by the three departments.

He also instructed his officers not to feel threatened by licensed firearm owners and not to give in to those dropping names of VVIPs.

“I told them to do their duty. Don’t let anyone into restricted areas. If they are stubborn, arrest them. Simple.”

Presently, there are 6,900 licenced weapon owners in Malaysia, with some of the licences dating back to the 1970s. The permits are issued by the police.

Hamid said the phasing out or tightening of hunting conditions in the firearms permit would be carried out in stages, starting with those living near Taman Negara.

Farmers will be allowed to use firearms to chase away pests but Hamid said even this was unnecessary.

“I do not encourage them to shoot animals, such as monkeys, from getting to their crops.

“Use other alternatives. It is not good to shoot animals like monkeys or deer. Only use guns as a last resort,” he said.

He said the environment needs to be protected, not only for the future generation but also for the present generation.