Rehab centre offers help to arrested PPBM-linked men

Ramli Abd Samad.

PETALING JAYA: An organisation operating a drug rehabilitation centre has offered counselling and other forms of help to PPBM-linked figures and others arrested in an anti-narcotics raid last Sunday.

Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia president Ramli Abd Samad told FMT his organisation, being founded by former drug users, understood well that those arrested, who included a minister’s aide, needed help.

“From reports we have read, these are young people who have a bright future,” he said. “We hope their mistake won’t destroy that future.”

On top of punishments meted out by the courts, anyone found guilty of drug offences will have a permanent record, will be ineligible for scholarships and will find it difficult to get a job.

“Our message is come and seek help,” Ramli said. “We see drug users as people who are sick, need help and deserve a better life. We do not see them as criminals.”

Police have confirmed the arrest of 17 people during the raid at a condominium in Puchong but have refused to disclose their identities.

Selangor PPBM chairman Abdul Rashid Ansari has confirmed that a state assemblyman who is a member of the party had been arrested.

Dengkil assemblyman Adhif Syan Abdullah has denied allegations on social media that he was among those arrested but admitted that he was at the site of the raid when it took place.