200,000 doses of Influenza A vaccines arriving in Malaysia

Influenza A has been spreading widely, mainly affecting school-going children.

PETALING JAYA: Over 16,000 doses of Influenza A vaccines are arriving in Malaysia today, says Health Minister Dzukefly Ahmad, with more to come in the coming weeks.

This comes as influenza continues to spread across states, mostly affecting schoolchildren.

While there are sufficient vaccine supplies at public hospitals, priority is given to patients in the critical group, including pregnant women, young children and those with chronic illnesses.

There is reportedly a shortage of vaccines at private clinics, with many parents seeking vaccines for their children.

In a tweet today, Dzukefly said more vaccines are on their way, with some 100,000 doses arriving by the end of the month.

Another 100,000 doses will arrive by early next month.

“I urge care providers to provide the vaccines at affordable prices,” he said.