BN candidate’s mum OK with son spending less time with family

BN candidate Mohamad Alamin hugging his mother, Juliah Saman, at the polling station at SK Our Lady of Fatima Kelatuan in Kimanis today.

KIMANIS: Juliah Saman knows her son — Barisan Nasional candidate Mohamad Alamin — will spend less time with the family if he wins the Kimanis parliamentary by-election but the octogenarian doesn’t mind it one bit.

The 80-year-old already had a taste of the schedule of an elected representative when Mohamad was the Bongawan assemblyman from 2013 to 2018.

“It’s okay for him to be busy as it is for the good of our people, state and country. Insya-Allah, hopefully, my son will win,” said the mother of 13.

Juliah, who was accompanied by her daughter, Wasim Alamin, 60, was among the voters who cast their ballots at SK Our Lady of Fatima Kelatuan here today.

Her son arrived at 9.10am to cheers from his supporters outside the same polling centre.

Sporting a blue shirt and dark slacks, Mohamad walked to the voter registry counter before proceeding to Stream 3 to cast his vote.

Following that, he embraced and kissed Juliah on the cheeks, shook hands with other voters and left.

“I waited for my mother.  That’s why I came to the polling centre at this hour,” he told reporters later.

“I’m satisfied with the voting process and preparations by the Election Commission. Hopefully, it will be smooth until polling ends this evening.”

At the SK Kimanis polling centre, Warisan candidate Karim Bujang cast his vote at about 9am.

“I am glad to be able to cast my vote today. I am relieved that the two weeks’ of campaigning is finally over,” the 67-year-old politician told reporters.

He said he had not been feeling well yesterday due to the gruelling campaign over the past 14 days but his spirits remained high.

Karim urged voters to come out early, saying rain was expected in the late afternoon.

EC deputy chairman Azmi Sharom said despite the slow start to the voting, they were still expecting their initial forecast of a 70% turnout.

“But I think the number of voters is increasing. There seems to be an atmosphere of happiness here in Kimanis to come out and vote.

“I’m only worried that it might rain in the evening like it did yesterday. So I hope everyone will come as early as possible,” he said.