Next, we’ll change Sabah govt, says Bung Moktar

Sabah Umno leader Bung Moktar Radin said the opposition parties are ready to work together.

BEAUFORT: Sabah Umno chief Bung Moktar Radin has given warning to the state ruling party Warisan that Barisan Nasional is ready to take over at the next general election.

Speaking after Barisan Nasional’s morale-boosting win in the Kimanis by-election this evening, Bung said: “After this we will change the government.”

He said he had not expected BN to win, “but as I have said in our ceramah before, that when the rakyat is with us to bring down a political party, that party will fall”.

At today’s by-election, BN candidate Mohamad Alamin won by 2,029 votes to become the new Kimanis MP, retaining the seat last held by former foreign minister Anifah Aman.

Mohamad defeated Karim Bujang of Warisan in a convincing victory following a court decision overturning Anifah’s election by a slender 156-vote majority in 2018.

Bung said Sabahans as a whole, and opposition parties in the state, were ready to take on the ruling coalition as”the people are fed up and don’t want to be ruled by a weak and failed government”.

He said the opposition parties would all work together as an opposition bloc – “that means we are ready, we are ready to face the election because the people have suffered due to PH and Warisan”.

Bung, who is MP for Kinabatangan, said Warisan’s defeat in Kimanis was due to many reasons, the main one being the controversial Sabah Temporary Pass, and the state government’s failure to develop Sabah.

“I am confident Sabah Umno will rise from past mistakes and we will work with local parties for GE15,” he said.

The new Kimanis MP, Mohamad, said his first task after taking his oath of office would be to find the best solution for the people’s problems.

“The result today shows the people are plagued with many issues and that has been translated into votes. They are very unhappy with the government of the day,” Mohamad said.