Zuraida ally hits back at state PKR chiefs

PKR Wanita leader Haniza Talha questions the level of support enjoyed by four critics of Zuraida Kamaruddin.

PETALING JAYA: A PKR leader aligned to Zuraida Kamaruddin has hit back at those who claimed that Zuraida did not enjoy grassroots support, noting that four other party leaders failed to win posts that they contested

PKR Wanita chief Haniza Talha also said that the likes of Johari Abdul, Fuziah Salleh, Syed Ibrahim and Farhash Wafa Salvador had been appointed to important party posts despite their failure at the party elections in 2018.

Haniza said Johari lost in the Sungai Petani division and failed to make the cut for the vice-president’s post, securing only 9.9% of votes of the 500,000 votes received in total for the posts.

Despite this, Johari had been made the Kedah PKR chief, she noted.

“And now he is arrogant and makes a lot of noise even though he was appointed to the post,” she said in a statement.

Earlier today, Johari, Perak PKR chief Farhash, Pahang PKR chief Fuziah and Johor PKR chief Syed dismissed the notion that Zuraida enjoyed a lot of support, claiming that in “Perak, out of 24 divisions, 22 want her to be sacked”.

But Haniza pointed out that Farhash only secured 266 votes at the Kuala Kangsar division polls and lost badly when he contested for a spot in the party’s central leadership council.

Fuziah, she said, did not contest at the division level and failed to win the Wanita chief post, while Syed lost at the division level when he secured 271 votes and failed to secure a spot on the council.

“They should realise this and refrain from interfering in party matters,” Haniza said, adding that Zuraida had already been issued a show-cause letter, believed to be over controversial remarks she made at an event after the fractious party national congress in Melaka in December.