New Kimanis MP meets voters at Sunday market to thank them

Newly-elected Kimanis MP Mohamad Alamin is surrounded by well-wishers during his visit to the Sunday ‘tamu’ in Membakut.

KIMANIS: Newly-elected Kimanis MP Mohamad Alamin visited the local Sunday tamu (market) in Membakut and Bongawan to thank voters.

Looking fresh after a well-deserved rest, the Sabah Umno man took selfies with party supporters as he went stall-by-stall, thanking them for giving him this opportunity to be their representative in Parliament.

Mohamad had been tirelessly making house-to-house visits and making brief appearances at ceramahs around Kimanis during the two-week campaign trail.

He was also spotted limping amid his appearances. He attributed the limp to “an old injury coming back” and the result of too much walking.

A close aide to the new MP noted that Mohamad had injured himself while playing football some years ago and that had made it difficult for him to walk.

“Today, I just want to meet the Kimanis folks and express my heartiest thanks to them. I also wanted to apologise if I had offended them in any way,” he said when met at Membakut here.

The 48-year-old politician last night won the by-election, beating rival Warisan candidate Karim Bujang with a 2,029-vote majority.

Mohamad, a one-term Bongawan state assemblyman, is expected to take his oath as MP in the Dewan Rakyat in March.

He and Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin will be the only two Umno MPs from Sabah in Parliament.

Mohamad replaces former Umno stalwart and four-term Kimanis MP Anifah Aman, who was removed as MP after his 14th general election victory was declared null and void by the Federal Court for certain irregularities.

Mohamad had been the party’s top choice to represent Barisan Nasional (BN) since the seat was declared vacant in December last year.

Mohamad said his experience as a state assemblyman would help him in his new task as MP.

“I will raise issues regarding both Kimanis and Sabah in Parliament. I will also hit out at any national issue that is of concern to Malaysians.”

Mohamad said he and Sabah Umno chief Bung had different personalities.

“He has his own style and I have my own. The only things we have in common are our goals and agenda,” he said.

Mohamad also said that he would be fighting against the June implementation of the Temporary Sabah Pass (PSS), saying the Kimanis voters had voiced their rejection of the plan through the ballot box.

“I think the only right thing to do for the state government is to halt the plans to implement the PSS to sooth the concerns of all Sabahans,” he said.