No place in PPBM for those after positions and wealth, says sec-gen

Marzuki Yahya says PPBM members must elect a strong leadership since the party is still in its ‘infancy’.

PUTRAJAYA: Those looking for positions and riches have been told there is no place for them in PPBM.

The party’s secretary-general, Marzuki Yahya, said “religion, race and nation” must form the basis of the members’ struggles when they sign up to contest in PPBM’s inaugural elections in June.

He said PPBM has no place for members who intend the use the party polls as a platform to pursue positions and wealth.

“There is little point contesting for positions if the party is not respected and end up losing in public office elections,” he told Bernama, adding that “positions are never permanent”.

PPBM will hold its annual general meeting and assembly from June 25 to 28, during which its maiden elections will be held.

A total of 189 divisions are qualified to hold meetings.

Marzuki, who is also the deputy foreign minister, said PPBM is still in its “infancy” and members must elect a strong and competent leadership capable of playing the role of “defenders” when the government is tested, attacked and criticised by various quarters.

“We must use the opportunities available to get behind Dr Mahathir (Prime Minister and PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad) to improve the nation’s fortunes.

“We need to leave a legacy for the younger generation by working on our weaknesses and stopping racial discord to the point of destroying the nation,” he said.

Marzuki also brushed aside talk that PPBM’s lifespan will be a short one once Mahathir is no more in the picture, stressing that “leaders come and go but a party’s struggles remain constant”.

Formed in June 2016, PPBM has 377,057 members and 2,946 branches nationwide.