Maszlee billboard taken down and replaced

A billboard in Kuala Lumpur featuring Maszlee Malik in an education ministry campaign, which has since been taken down.

PETALING JAYA: A billboard at the Federal Highway which featured a photograph of former education minister Maszlee Malik, has been taken down and replaced.

A spokesman for the billboard’s advertising agency told FMT that the contract was only until Dec 31 last year.

The billboard, said to have cost RM150,000, could be seen when travelling towards Kuala Lumpur.

A source said a unipole sign would have cost RM150,000 for a three-month period or RM500,000 for one year. He said this was because the billboard spots along the Federal Highway were considered prime locations.

The Maszlee billboard had drawn flak from PPBM supreme council member A Kadir Jasin, who is media adviser to the prime minister.

Kadir said the government should be about the people rather than building “personality cults” around ministers.

“Better to promote the government’s agenda than the faces of ministers,” he had said in a Facebook post last December.

Maszlee announced his resignation on Jan 2, some 20 months after he was appointed education minister. He said his decision was based on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s advice.

During his tenure, a series of controversies related to education had broken out, with critics calling for his removal from the Cabinet.