Cops collect RM42 mil from summonses after giving 50% discount

Police say 57 million traffic summonses, with a value of RM1 billion in fines and mostly for speeding, remain unsettled by motorists since 2009.

KUALA LUMPUR: The police initiative to reintroduce the 50% discount for traffic summonses for a limited period has proven to be a success.

More than RM42 million in traffic summonses were successfully collected through online payments within the five-day period, starting from Jan 18.

Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department director Azisman Alias said 402,714 summonses, 64.8% of them for speeding, were settled during the campaign.

He said 1,712 traffic summonses were also settled by Singaporean motorists.

On the first day of the campaign alone, 77,252 summonses were settled, involving a payment of RM8 million.

However, Azisman said more than 57 million outstanding summonses, from 2009 till last year, remained unpaid. If settled, they could bring RM1 billion in revenue to the government.