Otai Reformasi agrees with Anwar but wants Dr M to step down in May anyway

Otai Reformasi says that the change in the country’s leadership from Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Anwar Ibrahim should be done in May this year.

PETALING JAYA: Otai Reformasi agrees with PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s call to all parties, including those in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, to stop discussing the transition in prime minister publicly.

However, its secretary, Abdul Razak Ismail, said Otai Reformasi was an NGO that was not attached to any party.

He said it focused on the belief in free speech, which included voicing its view that the change in the country’s leadership from Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Anwar should be done in two years.

“Even though we basically support PH, we are not tied down by the orders of any party,” he told FMT.

“We appreciate Anwar’s call but we stand firm on the concept of ‘free speech’ that is enshrined in the constitution,” he added.

Razak said the group would continue to hold nationwide programmes to inform the public about the promises made that the change in leadership would be done before May 10, 2020.

Abdul Razak Ismail.

Earlier this week, Anwar called on PH members to refrain from discussing the transition in power in public after several PKR MPs suggested Mahathir give way to his successor this May.

The former deputy prime minister said he had already pledged his support for Mahathir, especially in his efforts to further develop the economy.

On Tuesday, Otai Reformasi said Mahathir had nothing to be proud of during his second stint in charge over the past 20 months. It wanted the transition to be carried out as soon as possible.

The group’s chairman, Idris Ahmad, said many ministers were beholden to Mahathir and were thus wary about discussing the transition of power.

A group of young activists has since made a police report against Otai Reformasi regarding the matter.