What’s in store for Malaysia’s political elites in the Year of the Rat?

PETALING JAYA: If Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes his luck is written in the stars, he may be right.

As the world celebrates Chinese New Year by welcoming the Year of the Rat on Jan 25, a feng shui master says Mahathir’s luck was good in 2019, and will remain “considerably good” this year.

Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research founder and chief researcher, Master Kenny Hoo predicts Mahathir will ride on “high levels of energy” despite facing stronger internal challenges to step down.

“He can still overcome problems and he will have lots of helping hands to support him,” Hoo told FMT while examining a Bazi chart astrology prediction.

“That’s because he has a Nobleman Star on his side. Even if he faces more problems, this star will help him overcome them and find solutions.”

Master Kenny Hoo predicts Dr Mahathir Mohamad will ride on ‘high levels of energy’ despite calls to step down.

However, he advises Mahathir, who turns 95 this year, to take extra care and not to make any drastic decisions in the months of July and October. “Those two months, he needs to rest.”

He advises Mahathir to make full use of 2020 which, according to feng shui, will see the start to a new world order, where the earth’s energy should see more people interacting worldwide, and past tensions and frictions starting to slow down.

“2020 is the year of interaction, and this may be good interaction even when sensitive issues crop up,” he said, adding Mahathir should use this year to create a positive atmosphere for Malaysians.

It is also the year of Grand Equality where the energy of people seeking equality will be strong.

“To enjoy this good energy, Mahathir, as the leader of the country, should focus on the marginalised and those who have been sidelined for years in order to create a balance in society.”

More people will be inclined towards spirituality with higher sensitivity for the environment, he added.

As for the economy, Mahathir needs to focus on technology.

“New policies on new technology are needed to support every level of industry,” he said, adding that this will create more opportunities to grow the Malaysian economy.

He also said 2020 will bring more wealth accumulation opportunities as prices of rubber, oil and gas improve further.

Anwar, Azmin, Guan Eng and Najib

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim may face less resistance politically and garner more support in 2020 compared to 2019, Hoo predicts.

“In 2021, his luck will improve further. He may get more supporters, and face even fewer challenges than in 2020. It’s like the knots of trouble are loosening, easing up on him.”

As for Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, Hoo said 2017 and 2018 were extremely good years for Azmin.

“In 2019, he had some challenges but managed to settle and get through them.”

But in 2020, Azmin may face health problems, and challenges at work, he predicted.

For Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, in 2018 there were a lot of “upgrades in his career and generally everything was good.”

Last year, Lim faced challenges but was able to face them. In 2020, Hoo added, Lim may face health problems due to work-related stress, especially in July.

However, Hoo said Lim is likely to implement several new systems for the rakyat. He advised Lim not to take any drastic steps in June and December and to avoid challenges during these two months.

As for former prime minister Najib Razak, he has been facing a lot of challenges in almost every sector of his life.

“He enjoyed public support last year, but that support will drop in 2020.

“According to feng shui, it shows his influence with the public will also drop,” he added.

But there is a saving grace for Najib – the Nobleman Star will absorb some of the bad luck.

“There may be some surprises for him too.”