Disperse or face action, Anwar tells pro- and anti-Zuraida supporters at PKR HQ

Supporters from both sides gather outside the PKR headquarters as vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin prepares to reply to the show-cause letter issued to her.

PETALING JAYA: Groups of pro- and anti-Zuraida Kamaruddin supporters gathered outside the PKR headquarters here have been urged by party president Anwar Ibrahim to disperse or risk facing disciplinary action.

The groups had gathered just as the vice-president was set to reply to her show-cause letter over remarks made against party leaders in a speech in December.

“Acts of support or protest at any other location will not influence the disciplinary board which has to make its decision independently,” he said in a statement.

Zuraida Kamaruddin’s political secretary Nor Hizwan Ahmad arrives at the PKR headquarters to submit her reply to the show-cause letter.

Despite the heavy rain, protesters and supporters from both sides of the camps were trying to outdo each other in a shouting match.

Despite being wet and cold due to the downpour, both sides stood their ground with chants of “Reformasi” and trying to up each other over the din of the rain.

Zuraida’s political secretary Nor Hizwan Ahmad turned up at the PKR headquarters at 12.45pm to submit her reply to the show-cause letter as she was attending the Cabinet meeting in Putrajaya.

Zuraida was issued a show-cause letter on Jan 18 and given 14 days to explain – apparently over remarks made in a speech aimed at party leaders.

“Today is exactly 14 days for her to reply,” Hizwan said, adding that he did not know when they would hear back from the disciplinary board.

“I told the disciplinary board members that the accusations are ‘cacat’ (not accurate) because they referred to a transcript (of her speech),” he said.

Hizwan said Zuraida replied to every question raised and it was done out of respect for the disciplinary board. “But we have a bit of reservation on the transcript referred to in the show-cause letter.”

Zuraida, he said, would continue her work as PKR vice-president and as a minister. “She will wait for a reply from the disciplinary board.”

Asked for more details on the issue, he said: “It is on her speeches. I just want to say the truth hurts.”

Hizwan also said that Zuraida had not received a letter of demand from PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail who was said to be upset after the vice-president claimed that he had received “millions of ringgit” from PAS and a Kelantan trust fund for the poor.

Hizwan’s press conference was held amid loud chants calling for support for Zuraida while the opposing camp said she was a “traitor” to the party.

Saifuddin previously said the party’s disciplinary board would make a decision once they had received the housing and local government minister’s explanation.