I was beaten, not paid for 3 months, says Indian eatery worker

Mohamad Yusof shows the bruises from the alleged assault.

KUALA LUMPUR: An Indian national who worked at an eatery in Leboh Ampang, here, has claimed that he was assaulted on the orders of his former employer who still owes him three months’ salary.

However, the owner of Karaikudi Chettinadu Mess Restaurant, M Ganesan denies the allegations.

Telling his story in a video published by Indian online news channel Red Pix, Mohamad Yusof, 32, claimed that he worked “20 hours a day” at the Karaikudi Chettinadu Mess Restaurant.

Unable to bear the gruelling working conditions and the delayed salary, Mohamad, from Tamil Nadu, decided to quit his job.

But it only made things worse.

“I was brought to another shop in Masjid India (Kuala Lumpur) by two people where I was beaten up,” he said in the video.

“They put ‘minyak kapak’ (a brand of medicated oil) on my body while hitting me. And they told me to laugh as they beat me.”

Mohamad also claimed that he was put on a flight back to India after a clip of the assault went viral.

He also alleged that the assault was ordered by his former employer.

Mohamad is demanding that action be taken against his former employer and those who assaulted him.

He is also seeking compensation as well as his unpaid salary.

Meanwhile, human rights group Malaysia Global Rescue Humanity said it had lodged a report at the Dang Wangi police station on Sunday about the matter.

Its president T Kamalanathan said he received a lot of Whatsapp messages and emails from concerned citizens, pleading with him to help Mohamad.

He also alleged that Mohamad lost consciousness after he was beaten up in a room where he was kept for five hours.

Kamalanathan also said that Mohamad’s ordeal was not an isolated incident as he had handled some 2,000 similar cases in the past 13 years.

“This happens because no one helps them. The victims won’t lodge a police report because they are ignorant of the law and are afraid,” he said when contacted.

Meanwhile, Ganesan, when contacted, denied Mohamad’s allegations saying that the latter had disciplinary issues.

He also claimed that Mohamad liked to harass women, including transgenders.

“I caught him a few times and warned him about it.”

Ganesan also said he had since given his statement to the police on the matter.