Special tents outside hospitals to screen virus patients, says Mukhriz

ALOR SETAR: Special tents have been set up at major hospitals in Kedah as part of procedures to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, Menteri Besar Mukhriz  Mahathir said today.

He said the screening would be carried out on suspected cases. “Before the patient is admitted into the hospital, he will be placed in a special tent outside the hospital for screening purposes before being sent to the special unit for treatment,” he said.

“That is why the hospitals set up these tents. I urge the public not to spread fake news alleging that coronavirus has spread in Kedah because this is the standard procedure to tackle such problems,” he said.

Mukhriz made his comments following confirmation that a four-year-old girl, a China national, had been confirmed as infected, while results of health tests conducted on her family members were negative.

“The child is still being treated at the isolation ward in the Sultanah Maliha Hospital, Langkawi. Her parents will continue to be with her here as she is still small,” he told reporters.

Action taken at the state level to control coronavirus involved Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here; Sultanah Maliha Hospital, Langkawi; Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, Sungai Petani; and Kulim Hospital.

The health ministry said today that three more cases of coronavirus have been reported, bringing the total number in the country to seven.