Why isn’t my daughter with me yet, Indira asks IGP

Indira Gandhi with Indira Gandhi Action Team spokesman Arun Dorasamy.

KUALA LUMPUR: M Indira Gandhi has expressed shock over the latest revelation that the police are aware of the whereabouts of her daughter, Prasana Diksa, but have done nothing to bring her back.

“This is a shocking revelation.

“The police are aware where Prasana is but she is not in my arms yet. Why?” she asked, adding that she had been waiting to hold her daughter for the past 10 years.

She was speaking at a press conference held together with Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) spokesman Arun Dorasamy.

This press conference comes after Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said on Jan 31 that he knows Prasana’s whereabouts.

Indira asked Hamid the reasons for not arresting her ex-husband fugitive Muslim convert Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah, who kidnapped Prasana in 2009 when she was just 11 months old, shortly after converting to Islam.

“What is happening to her now? There are no records of her going to school, no records of any immunisation being done,” she said.

“He (IGP) knows where my daughter is but I can’t do anything for her.”

Indira, a kindergarten school teacher who travelled to Kuala Lumpur for the press conference here, pleaded to the public not to delay the return of her daughter.

Referring to Hamid’s statement that he is looking for a “win-win solution” and a” happy ending”, Indira said: “I don’t know what he means because without Prasana there is no happy ending.”

Indira Gandhi to file RM100 million civil suit

Indira Gandhi.

Arun said it is wrong to keep a child away from her mother, further stating “enough is enough of this”.

He said next week, a RM100 million civil suit will be filed against the IGP, the police, government and the special task force set up to look into the case.

He said the task force was headed by Bukit Aman CID director Huzir Mohamed but Ingat does not know what initiatives have been taken despite the Ipoh High Court in June 2014 ordering the police to give a report every month until Prasana is returned to her mother.

He said the Federal Court in 2016 had issued an order for the police to arrest Ridhuan and return Prasana.

“Police have to enforce the court’s order, word for word, and the IGP has the moral obligation to follow the court’s orders.”

He further asked the reason why the IGP stated that the case is sensitive.

“Why is this a sensitive case when it involves a mother longing for her daughter? It is sensitive for Indira,” he added.

Arun said the IGP should not complicate the matter further and should instead follow the court’s orders.

He also called upon civil society to come forward to put pressure on the IGP “to do the right thing”, further stating Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had often spoken about following the rule of law.

He said in this case, even the higher officers seemed to be not following the rule of law.

Arun said 24 police reports had been lodged from March 2009 to July 2019 but no investigation papers had been opened as “Indira was not called”.

He said Ingat had also written to the police three times, in June, September and January 28, 2020, “pleading for them to update us on the action and results of the special task force. We do not know what the task force is doing”.

Arun further asked the reason for Prasana’s case not to be classified as a missing child. She will turn 12 on April 8.

“No one has seen her. So, why is she not listed as a missing child?”

He said under such circumstances, Indira has no choice but to file a civil suit against the IGP to get her daughter back.