Party veep derides MTUC leader for ‘stupid’ statement

Sarawak job seekers who fell victim to an African job scam on their return home last March.

KUCHING: PBB vice-president Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has scoffed at a call for the introduction of a human resource portfolio in the Sarawak Cabinet, saying trade union leader Andrew Lo used a “stupid argument” when making his case for it.

Lo, the secretary of the Sarawak chapter of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress, has made the call on several occasions and recently said the state government’s refusal to heed it showed it was “only paying lip service” to its promise to create jobs.

He has often connected his call to the plight of Sarawakians seeking jobs overseas and being victimised by fraudsters.

Karim said instituting a human resource portfolio in the state government would not bring an end to job scams.

“Matters involving Malaysian workers working overseas come under the purview of Malaysian law and not state law. Lo should know this instead of barking up the wrong tree,” he said.

He said it was for the federal human resources ministry to forewarn job seekers venturing out of the country.

“But I believe that even if it does, job scams will still exist.”

Karim said Lo was being stupid in blaming the state government for the work of con artists.

“Is he saying there will not be any job scam involving Sarawakians if a human resource portfolio is set up in the state Cabinet?

“It’s like saying there will be no more crimes if we have a police force.”

He also said the issue of job scams had “nothing to do” with job opportunities in Sarawak.

Job-seekers themselves must be careful to avoid being victimised by scammers, he added.