Jobs for locals to get priority in 12th Malaysia Plan

Malaysians have taken 3D (dirty, dangerous and difficult) jobs overseas, says a deputy minister.

MELAKA: Priority for Malaysians in fulfilling job opportunities will be reinforced in the National Human Resource Policy and the 12th Malaysia Plan, deputy human resources minister Mahfuz Omar said today.

He said employers should have Malaysia’s interest at heart by giving priority to local workers instead of continuing to claim that they were unwilling or uninterested to work in certain sectors.

Employers should also pitch in to find solutions to attract the interest of more locals to seek work in the less favorable employment sectors, especially in “3D” (dirty, dangerous, and difficult) jobs.

“Employers need to think about enabling Malaysians because, if we notice, many Malaysians who are working in Singapore, are in 3D jobs.

“There are certainly reasons why they are said to be reluctant for such work, with factors such as salary and environment and other issues being highlighted,” he told reporters after a town hall session in Ayer Keroh here today.

The meeting was attended by 306 people representing government agencies, workers, trade unions and employers and civil society organisations. Mahfuz said views from the session would enable his ministry to make improvements in preparing the 12th Malaysia Plan.

Feedback was also received on issues relating to employment, social protection, health and safety, female workers, the disabled, as well as mental health, he said.