3 water sources may be affected by Pan-Island Link, says NGO

Penang Hill Watch says it has written to Chief MInister Chow Kon Yeow on the presence of three water intake points close to the alignment of PIL1.

GEORGE TOWN: An NGO said today that three water intake points in the Air Itam hills are located close to the alignment of the proposed Pan-Island Link Phase 1 (PIL1)

Penang Hill Watch (PHW) said the three intake points, belonging to the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP), are the Air Itam main stream, the Air Itam side stream and Tat’s stream.

In a statement, it said it had verified the geographical locations of the three water intake points after conducting a field visit to the sites.

The three water intake points are sources of water supply to the Air Itam dam from which water goes to consumers, it said.

PHW said the close proximity of the water intake points to the proposed highway alignment had not been disclosed in the PIL1 Environmental Impact Assessment report.

It said it is concerned about how not taking this into account in evaluating the environment impact of the proposed project could potentially impact the water supply.

It said the proposed PIL1 alignment is about 350m upstream of the Tat’s stream intake point and that the main stream intake point is about 150m from the tunnel-viaduct junction.

“PHW is concerned about the impact of the PIL1 construction on the surface and groundwater hydrology and how it will affect the flow and water availability at the water intake points,” it said.

The NGO said although the PIL1 EIA report had already been approved by the Department of Environment, the nearness of these water intake points to the PIL1 alignment must be investigated and the findings made public.

The statement said a letter expressing its concern had been sent to Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, the director of the Department of Environment, the CEO of PBAPP and the head of the Water Control and Regulation Department.