Vell Paari against woman as part of suit to determine Samy Vellu’s mental health

Vell Paari (left) says E Meeriam Rosaline has no legal standing to intervene in his suit to determine Samy Vellu’s mental health.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MIC secretary-general S Vell Paari has objected to a bid filed by a woman claiming to be the lawful companion of S Samy Vellu to take part in the lawsuit he filed to determine his father’s mental health.

Lawyer RSN Rayer, representing the woman, E Meeriam Rosaline, said Vell Paari is “strongly opposing” her application, citing that she has no legal standing to be an intervenor.

However, he said Samy Vellu, who is named as the sole defendant in his son’s lawsuit, did not file any affidavit to oppose Meeriam’s bid to take part in the proceedings.

“Our contention is that we are able to assist the court in making a determination on whether Samy Vellu is mentally fit and capable of managing his personal affairs.

“We have also an exhibit in our affidavit to show that he was at Batu Caves last week for Thaipusam,” Rayer told reporters after submiting Meeriam’s application in the chambers of High Court judge Mohd Sofian Abd Razak.

He said the court will hear further arguments from Vell Paari’s legal team, led by David Mathews, on their opposition to Meeriam’s intervenor application on March 20.

Co-counsel Ramesh Sivakumar said Meeriam maintains she is Samy Vellu’s lawful wife and is entitled to take part in Vell Paari’s lawsuit.

“Let’s say that we leave this matter to Vell Paari without intervening, then the court could be without relevant facts to determine Samy Vellu’s mental condition,” he said.

Vell Paari filed a lawsuit in December last year seeking an inquiry under Section 52 of the Mental Health Act to determine his father’s state of mind.

He said Samy Vellu had been diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease two years ago and was not mentally fit to defend himself in two legal cases filed against him.

Meeriam had filed a lawsuit in August last year against the father and son, seeking a declaration that she be given due recognition and accepted as part of the family.

She also sought access to Samy Vellu with no restrictions imposed by any other family member, including Vell Paari.

She said Vell Paari had financially disempowered Samy Vellu and taken control of his finances since 2017.

Meeriam, 59, said she had been in a quasi-spousal union with the former works minister and had been engaged in an “ala-matrimonial” relationship since 1981 and had documentary evidence to support her claim.

In addition, Meeriam is seeking for the duo to pay living costs to her amounting to RM191,107.35, which she claimed was owed to her when it was cut off since July last year.

She is also seeking a one-off payment of RM20 million as lifetime living costs, besides a monthly stipend of RM25,000.

Meeriam said today she hoped to see Samy Vellu soon, as she had last seen him at a restaurant here on June 13 last year.