3,000 Tanjung Manis PKR branch members in Sarawak quit party

The PKR members who quit say they are waiting for their leader, Abang Aditajaya Abang Alwi, to join another political party.

KUCHING: About 3,000 Tanjung Manis PKR branch members announced their departure from the party today.

Its former branch secretary, Hasrol Ali, said the decision to leave the party was made by the members due to their dissatisfaction with the party’s central leadership.

On Nov 3 last year, the nominations of 12 committee members for various posts in Tanjung Manis were disqualified by the party’s central leadership, including that of Abang Aditajaya Abang Alwi as the branch chairman.

This followed an injunction submitted by a lawyer representing one of the members not allowed to contest in the election.

All the 12 members, including Abang Aditajaya, were sacked on Dec 3.

According to Hasrol, Abang Aditajaya was sacked because of his alleged dual membership. It was alleged that he was a member of PPBM.

“However, before the nomination for the Tanjung Manis PKR branch election, Abang Aditajaya had resigned from PPBM as he wanted to serve the people in Tanjung Manis under the PKR leadership,” he told FMT.

“We are not satisfied (with this matter) and we find it unfair. Therefore, we have decided to leave the party.

“We also regret that the party’s central leadership has taken this matter lightly,” he said.

Hasrol, who acted as the group spokesman, said their decision to quit from the party was because they had also lost their confidence in PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

“We oppose Anwar becoming the country’s next prime minister,” he said.

He said for now, all the 3,000 members who left the party will continue to support Abang Aditajaya.

“We are waiting for Abang Aditajaya’s next step and we’ll follow him wherever he goes,” he added.

Earlier, it was reported that Abang Aditajaya was contemplating a new political platform for him to remain active in politics following his expulsion from PKR.

“Many informally have made an offer, including to join Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) or PPBM.

“I need time to deliberate on the next step – to form a new political party or join an existing party,” he said, adding that he would announce his decision soon.