MIC slams proposal for working Indians to donate RM9 for community fund

The community fund proposed by Klang MP Charles Santiago aims to help the Indian community in business and economic upliftment and education.

PETALING JAYA: MIC has hit out at a proposal for working Malaysian Indians to donate a maximum of RM9 a month to a fund aimed at helping the community in education, business and economic upliftment, saying it was uncalled for.

The party’s vice-president, C Sivarraajh, said these issues were already handled by the various ministries, government departments and agencies.

MIC also said the Indian community was already contributing via taxes.

“Why is it that the Indian community has to pay again to enable the government to do what they can already do with the taxes we are paying?

“Is the Pakatan Harapan government that incapable in meeting the basic needs of the Indian community?” Sivarraajh said in a statement.

Yesterday, DAP’s Charles Santiago said a policy paper on a community fund for Malaysian Indians will be submitted to the government for consideration.

C Sivarraajh.

The Klang MP said the fund, which is Malaysia’s version of the successful Singapore Indian Development Association (Sinda) fund, is meant to help all lower and middle-class Indians.

He said the proposal, with input from Indian PH MPs, Indian NGOs and individuals, proposes a maximum contribution of RM9 monthly from every working Indian.

“It is voluntary and aims to make the Indian community independent of state funds in every aspect in six to 10 years,” Santiago told FMT.

But Sivarraajh said it was clear that the difficulties the Indian community is facing in either the education or entrepreneurial field now are due to the incapability of Indian representatives in the current administration.

He went on to brand PH as a failure in not being able to deliver on promises and only sustaining initiatives for the Indian community, such as the Secretariat for Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED), started by the previous government.

“And now, they are expecting the public to fork out their own money to help them provide what they are already supposed to provide.”

Sivarraajh then called for the Indian MPs and ministers to resign.