NGOs stage anti-govt protest, list 10 demands

A section of the protesters near Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 400 anti-government protesters gathered at Dataran Merdeka here today to vent their anger at the Pakatan Harapan-led administration.

They listed 10 demands they want Putrajaya to fulfil.

Speaking to reporters after the three-hour rally, Gabungan Kuasa Rakyat spokesman Nazrin Norani said if the government fails to deliver on their demands within 100 days, they would demand that Parliament be dissolved to pave the way for fresh elections to be called.

Gabungan Kuasa Rakyat is a coalition of NGOs, which includes Sedar Malaysia.

The demands include the resignation of the entire Cabinet, including Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They say any new Cabinet should not include scandal-tainted politicians.

They also want the government to resolve outstanding issues, including lowering the high cost of living, reducing polemics over race, religion and royalty, giving equal funding to all elected representatives, and restoring damaged diplomatic ties.

“If they cannot fulfil them, then it’s better that they return the mandate to the people. Let the people choose a new government that cares more for the people.

“If in 100 days they do not want to fulfil our demands, or there are no signs that they will do so, we will discuss how the government will listen to us,” he said, adding he would not rule out taking to the streets again.

He said if Parliament was dissolved, it would be up to the people to choose new leaders. In Malaysia, there was no shortage of good leaders, but he said the same faces were being chosen.

Nazrin said when he was in high school, he saw Mahathir fight with Anwar Ibrahim. Now, when his son is in Form 4, they are still fighting, he added.

He hoped that when the 15th general election is called, new people would step up to lead the country.

Nazrin said he and the other NGOs who organised the rally were there as members of the public and did not care for political factions.

Earlier, a number of activists from NGOs affiliated with Gabungan Kuasa Rakyat, including those from the student and disabled groups, gave speeches and led protesters to chant slogans, including calling for Parliament to be dissolved and giving the people more power.