Portuguese man o’ war sighted at three more beaches

A sting by the Portuguese man o’ war, a jellyfish-like creature, can cause severe pain and cramps lasting for three minutes. (Facebook pic)

SETIU: The venomous Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish-like creature has been found on three other beaches in Terengganu, a fisheries official said today.

Terengganu Fisheries Department director Zawawi Ali said the three beaches were Batu Buruk Beach, Kuala Terengganu, Rhu 10 Beach here and Bukit Keluang Beach in Besut.

‘’We advise visitors not to go into the water at the beaches concerned at this time to prevent from being stung by jellyfish.

‘’This is because there is still no anti-venom for the jellyfish sting except painkiller. According to scientists, the immediate effect of a sting is of cramps for three minutes which gives excruciating pain,’’ he told reporters here today.

Early this month, the media reported that the Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish had been found on Pulau Kekabu beach, in Marang by the Marang Civil Defence Force personnel while undergoing a beach rescue exercise.

Zawawi said the local authorities in the districts who encounter the jellyfish must put up red flags and signboards at the locations as warnings.

‘’To date, the Marang District Council has put up warning signboards on Pulau Kekabu beach and we hope other local authorities will follow suit as soon as possible,’’ he added.