Umno, PPBM join forces to form govt in Johor

The Johor palace says the two parties have the majority to form a new state government.

PETALING JAYA: The Johor chapters of PPBM and Umno have joined forces to form the state government.

In a statement issued by the Johor palace, the two parties are said to have a simple majority in the state assembly.

Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar had met with 54 assemblymen yesterday, including PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin who is the Gambir representative.

Sultan Ibrahim had also met with Johor Menteri Besar Dr Saharuddin Jamal of PPBM and Johor Umno chief Hasni Mohamad after PPBM decided to pull out of the ruling coalition on Monday.

The statement said the 54 assemblymen were required to sign statutory declarations to state whether they were supporting Pakatan Harapan or a new coalition.

Two assemblymen, namely former federal minister Salahuddin Ayub (Simpang Jeram) and Johor PPBM chief Mazlan Bujang (Puteri Wangsa), were not able to attend the meeting.

Salahuddin is also Amanah deputy president.

“After meeting the assemblymen, Tuanku was satisfied that the new coalition had obtained a simple majority to form the government,” the statement read, adding that 28 assemblymen were in favour of the new coalition.

The new coalition, it said, now has the right to nominate a new menteri besar.

“The sultan hopes that the new administration would be immediately formed to ensure development in Johor goes on smoothly.”

When contacted, Dr S Ramakrishnan, who is the Johor exco for consumerism, human resources and unity, said he too had just received the news.

“I’m shocked to hear the news, it’s too early for me to comment,” the Bekok assemblyman told FMT.