Retraction and apology

On Feb 26, 2020, FMT published an article entitled “Khalid presses on, tells Dr M to make way for Anwar” (“the Article”).

The Article was premised on a tweet posted by Khalid on his Twitter account which read:

“Tun letak jawatan. Dijadikan PM interim. Beri peluang DSAI bukti ada sokongan untuk menjadi PM ke 8. Ianya jawatan yang tak boleh diwariskan atau diserah begitu saja. Mesti dapat sokongan majoriti MP. Harap PPBM tunaikan janji. Tun PM ke 7, DSAI PM ke 8.”

The Article was premised on an in-house translation and interpretation of the tweet posted by Khalid.

FMT has today been notified by Khalid’s solicitors that our translation of the tweet was inaccurate, and that as a result, the Article is defamatory of him.

FMT has also been informed that the proper translation of the tweet into English should read as follows:

“Tun Resigns. Made the interim Prime Minister. Gives DSAI opportunity to prove he has support to be the 8 th PM. It is a position that cannot be inherited or given just like that. Must have support from majority of the MPs. Hope PPBM fulfil their promise. Tun the 7th PM, DSAI the 8th PM.”

In deference to the translation and interpretation given to the tweet by its author, we hereby retract the Article in its entirety and have today removed the Article from our portal and all FMT’s social media platforms.

We wish to state that we did not intend by the Article to defame or embarrass Khalid in any way whatsoever or to imply that he had any agenda against Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

We sincerely and humbly apologise to Khalid Samad for any distress, injury, embarrassment and inconvenience caused to him thereby.

Feb 28, 2020.