Melaka CM proposes fresh state elections

Chief Minister Adly Zahari said he has asked for fresh state elections in view of the political situation. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari has proposed that fresh state elections be held. He made the request during a meeting with the Yang Di Pertua Negeri, Khalil Yaakob, at 4.30pm today.

He said the Malacca State Constitution calls for the resignation of the Chief Minister if he no longer had a majority in the state assembly.

In a statement, he said the proposal was made after taking into account the political situation in Melaka.

“It is also to return the mandate to the people. For this reason, I hope the rakyat will remain calm and follow rules to ensure the state is peaceful and secure,” he added.

Separately, two assemblymen from Pakatan Harapan parties have announced that they would, as individuals, support the coalition of Umno, PAS and PPBM but would not leave their parties.

Pakatan Harapan currently hold 13 seats in the assembly, through DAP (8), PKR (3), Amanah (2). PPBM has 2 seats, and Umno (13). PPBM has formed a national coalition with Umno and PAS, and together would have 15 seats in the assembly.

Adly, who is Melaka chairman of Pakatan Harapan, took office as chief minister on May 11, 2018 after the Pakatan Harapan victory in the general election.

Melaka state executive councillor Tey Kok Kiew had said recently that the ruling coalition no longer holds a majority in the state assembly.