As if ‘possessed by the devil’: Kadir launches stinging attack on Muhyiddin’s bloc

A Kadir Jasin.

PETALING JAYA: A Kadir Jasin launched a stinging attack today on PPBM leaders aligned with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, claiming they had behaved as though they were “possessed by the devil” in the run-up to the political crisis which saw the collapse of Pakatan Harapan (PH).

The veteran newsman said the PPBM Supreme Council had held a meeting on Feb 23, before the so-called Sheraton Move which saw MPs from both sides of the divide gather at the hotel.

“(It was as if) the majority of the Supreme Council leaders were possessed by the devil as they pressed Dr Mahathir non-stop to agree with them in pulling PPBM out of Pakatan Harapan and joining Umno and PAS,” he said in a Facebook post attacking everyone from Muhyiddin and Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s political secretary Zahid Arip to “ambitious” council leaders and former Umno members who had joined PPBM.

He said Zahid had even slammed the table and, for the first time, supported Muhyiddin.

Other council members such as Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen, Redzuan Yusof and Wan Saiful Wan Jan were vocal and did not entertain Mahathir’s pleas, he added.

“Those who defended Dr Mahathir were a minority and comprised Supreme Council members with no political ambitions.

“But there were also hypocrites and backstabbers,” he added. “In front of Dr Mahathir, they would support (him) but (they) actually betrayed him.

“In this matter, I am personally very disappointed with Ahmad Faizal aka Peja’s game,” he said, referring to Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

Kadir said it was clear that the pressure against Mahathir and his eventual betrayal was a conspiracy to quit PH and work with Umno that had been carefully planned over a long period by individuals in PPBM, Umno, PKR and PAS.

“Clearly, Dr Mahathir was also let down by Umno people he welcomed into PPBM like Hamzah Zainuddin and Mustapa Mohamed.

“It seemed as if there were efforts to take over PPBM from these Umno people.”

He said this was proven when an Umno assemblyman was appointed as Johor menteri besar, replacing PPBM’s representative.

“Muhyiddin is a noble man. But if this is not betrayal, what is? Once more, Dr Mahathir has been betrayed by those he trusts.”

Last Monday, PPBM pulled out of PH after Mahathir resigned as prime minister, triggering a crisis which was resolved after the Yang di-Pertuan Agong appointed Muhyiddin as prime minister.