Celebrity businessman accused of abusing 2-year-old girl

(Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: A celebrity entrepreneur who last year courted controversy after he posted a video of him scolding his nine-year old daughter is now under probe for allegedly abusing his two-year-old adopted daughter.

Selangor police confirmed that a police report was lodged by Aliff Syukri’s maid on Saturday.

Selangor Criminal Investigations Department chief Fadzil Ahmat said Aliff is being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, related to the crime of ill-treatment, neglect, abandonment or exposure of children.

The offence carries a maximum fine of up to RM20,000 or 10 years imprisonment, or both.

Meanwhile, Berita Harian reported that a cosmetics entrepreneur had allegedly hit the child in a bid to create content for his social media channel.

The incident was said to have occurred two months ago.

The daily said the man slapped the child in order to film her crying.

In May 2019, a child welfare group called Protect and Save the Children lodged a report against Aliff after he posted a video of him scolding his nine-year-old daughter.

The video, which sparked outrage among internet users, showed him explaining to his daughter why he caned her on the back and reminding her not to remove her headscarf.