Perikatan Nasional just an illusion, says PPBM man

PPBM Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail has urged the party to return to its original struggle and restore the community’s honour.

PETALING JAYA: A PPBM Supreme Council member today labelled Perikatan Nasional (PN), of which his party is a part of, an illusion as the newly formed ruling coalition was set up based on emotion instead of objectivity.

Tariq Ismail said PN, which comprises PPBM, PAS and Barisan Nasional, does not have any structure or fundamentals.

He pointed out that at a special meeting held last month, no answers were forthcoming on the fate of PPBM-led states.

“Now, all the states, which now see a coalition government between PPBM and Barisan Nasional, see a menteri besar appointed from BN,” he said in a statement.

Tariq’s comments come in the wake of a reported split in PPBM after the party left Pakatan Harapan and joined forces with Umno and PAS. Some in the party also fear that there will be a hostile takeover of PPBM by Umno.

The decision to work with the opposition led to a fallout between the party’s founder, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and its president, Muhyiddin Yassin, with the former reluctant to work with Umno en bloc.

“How could the PPBM president sanction a union between PPBM and Umno?” Tariq asked, adding that such a move could be perceived as hawking off the dignity of the Malays and leading them further astray.

Tariq, however, admitted that the likes of PN would be able to resolve the political crisis for the time being.

“But because PN was born out of emotion, sooner or later, suspicions will arise among members,” he said, adding that Malays were split politically due to clashing ideologies.

Tariq went on to urge PPBM to return to its original struggle to restore Malay unity and the community’s honour.