Woman to know on March 31 whether she will have access to Samy Vellu

Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul is seeking an interim order to have unconditional access to former MIC president S Samy Vellu. At right is lawyer RSN Rayer.

IPOH: The High Court here today set the end of the month to decide whether to proceed with or stay an interim order sought by a woman who claims herself as the second wife of former MIC president S Samy Vellu.

Lawyer RSN Rayer, who is representing the woman, Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul, 60, told reporters this after the case was heard in private before judge Hashim Hamzah and March 31 fixed for a decision.

He said David Mathews, the counsel representing Vell Paari as defendant, had applied to the court to postpone the proceedings of the application filed by Meeriam to obtain an interim order to have unconditional access to Samy Vellu.

She is also applying to the court to issue an order to pay her a monthly maintenance of RM25,000.

“They (Vell Paari) are applying to postpone the interim proceeding on the grounds that they have filed an application in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to ascertain the mental capacity of Samy Vellu.

“But, we have referred to photographs in Madam Meeriam affidavit’s showing that he (Samy Vellu) had attended a few events last year and this year’s Thaipusam celebration in Batu Caves,” he said in the presence of another lawyer, S Ramesh.

Meanwhile, Ramesh said that they had pointed out to the court that there is no basis in the lawsuit filed by Vell Paari to determine his father’s mental health, as Samy Vellu has appointed a lawyer, Prem Ramachandran, to represent him.

“We pointed out to the judge that a person who does not have the mental capacity could not in such circumstances appoint a lawyer.

“My client (Meeriam) should not be denied her rights, regardless of the outcome in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, because we take the position that Samy Velly is perfectly all right,” he said.

Vell Paari filed the suit against Samy Vellu on Dec 2 for a court order to investigate and ascertain the mental capacity of Samy Vellu and whether the former works minister and MIC president is capable of handling his own affairs.