PH to consider Selangor PPBM reps’ offer to cooperate

Selangor PH leader Amirudin Shari says the party leadership will discuss an offer by four PPBM assemblymen to support the state government.

SHAH ALAM: The Pakatan Harapan leadership is to discuss whether to accept an offer by four PPBM state assemblymen to support the PH-led Selangor state government, state PH chief Amirudin Shari said today.

Amirudin said he welcomed any party who wanted to support the PH government in Selangor, however, it had to be proven by their commitment.

“They met me yesterday and expressed their intention to support PH in Selangor and this matter will be discussed at the state and central level, whether we can accept the formula used in Kedah and Penang where PPBM assemblymen are still considered part of PH,” he told reporters here today.

Amiruddin heads the Selangor state government as menteri besar.

On Thursday, the four PPBM assemblymen, Sallehudin Amiruddin (Kuang); Harumaini Omar (Batang Kali); Mohd Shaid Rosli (Jeram); and Adhif Syan Abdullah (Dengkil) voiced their support for PH, reportedly after a meeting with PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Putrajaya.

The national PPBM leadership has formed an alliance with Umno, PAS and a few breakaway PKR dissidents to form a federal government. PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin has been appointed prime minister.

Amirudin had earlier announced that PPBM leaders and members were no longer part of the state administration, from the executive council level to the local authorities and villages.