Cabinet must be free of those tainted by corruption, says TI-M

Transparency International Malaysia president Muhammad Mohan says Malaysians want justice and zero tolerance for corruption.

PETALING JAYA: The anti-corruption group Transparency International Malaysia has urged Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to bar from the Cabinet or high public position anyone with a reputation for corrupt practices or who is on trial in ongoing court cases.

TI-M president Muhammad Mohan also hoped the new government would enact legislation that had been promised to the people and which had previously been endorsed by Muhyiddin’s party, PPBM.

He said these laws included the Political Financing Act, the Parliament Act and a law to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Monitoring Commission.

He said Malaysians had been clear about wanting justice and zero tolerance for corruption. He said voters would punish the new government at the next elections, due by 2022, if the government failed to respect these demands.

“Cabinets and politicians may come and go. But loyalty to the nation and the need to protect and build the country remains the greatest priority,” he said.

TI-M would closely observe all developments under the new government and will continue to be vocal in highlighting any issue of concern in the area of transparency and integrity.

Muhammad said TI-M would engage with the government, any organisation or individual who genuinely supports transparency, good governance and justice, and who will fight against corruption and those who are corrupt.

Muhammad said the government should prove its confidence in its new coalition by having an early sitting of Parliament.