Director of Ambank unit infected with Covid-19

Ambank group said the director had not been in contact with staff or visited the premises in the past 10 days.

KUALA LUMPUR: The AmBank Group has revealed that a non-executive director at one of its subsidiaries has tested positive as being infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

It said preliminary checks showed that the director, who was not named, had not been in contact with any staff and had not visited any of the group’s premises for the past 10 days.

The non-executive director is currently receiving medical attention at a government hospital, the group added.

“The Ministry of Health is undertaking contact tracing to determine those that have been in contact with the director,” the group said.

Staff members who were in contact with the director in the past 14 days have been placed on self-quarantine and would undergo medical examinations.

“Our business and operations remain unaffected,” the group said.