Kitingan should switch posts to handle migrants, says Warisan

Warisan vice-president Junz Wong says he doesn’t think STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan wants to be deputy home minister.

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan vice-president Junz Wong believes Sabah opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan should switch portfolios and become deputy home minister so that he can help solve Sabah’s problem of illegal immigrants.

Wong said Kitingan, who was named deputy tourism, culture and arts minister, should switch with Jonathan Yassin of PKR, who was appointed as deputy home minister.

“This will give him the opportunity to resolve the perennial issue. I can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas he has to resolve this matter,” Wong said in a Warisan chat group.

He added: “I think Dr J (Jeffrey) doesn’t want that portfolio because all Sabahans would know that all this while whatever he preached is just mere politicking (and) empty talk. Or else he should fight for it – now the ball is in their court.”

Muhyiddin Yassin today named four other Sabahans in the federal Cabinet:

PBS president Maximus Ongkili (who is minister for Sabah and Sarawak affairs); Ronald Kiandee of Sabah PPBM (agriculture and agro-based industry); Kudat MP Abdul Rahim Bakri of Umno was named deputy finance minister I while PBRS deputy president Arthur Kurup was appointed as a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Wong, who is Sabah agriculture and food industry minister, was happy with the distribution of portfolios among Sabah and Sarawak leaders which he described as “quite a fair portion”.

However, he criticised the formation of a separate ministry for Sabah and Sarawak affairs. “Sabah and Sarawak should deal directly with the PM, not through another ministry,” he said.

He said among Ongkili’s first tasks would be to successfully obtain the 20% oil royalty demand by Sabah, as well as tackle the illegal immigrant issue.