We thwarted PH’s ‘rooftop’ coup against Mahathir, says Hadi

Abdul Hadi Awang says PAS joined the new ruling coalition to ‘save the country through democracy’.

PETALING JAYA: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says his party’s cooperation with its Perikatan Nasional allies to form the new government stemmed from Pakatan Harapan’s moves to topple the Dr Mahathir Mohamad-led administration “through the roof”.

In a special address streamed live on social media, Hadi said PH leaders had tried to openly destroy the government by pressuring and making demands of Mahathir, who they had agreed would serve as the country’s 7th prime minister before the 14th general election.

“It was through pressuring and demanding (Mahathir) and so on. It was an attempt to take power through the roof, not back door.

“So PAS took the steps to take over the government to save the country through democracy,” he said, adding that changes could be achieved either through the ballot box or “through elected representatives voted in by the people”.

The Marang MP said the crisis in PH was exposed when the coalition flip-flopped on who they wanted as prime minister.

“Supposedly, they supported Mahathir and then made a U-turn on supporting him to choose their candidate (PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim).

“That is why we made the decision to choose Muhyiddin (Yassin) to be the prime minister candidate, to stop the U-turn which was made twice.”

Thankfully, he said, they managed to resolve the crisis democratically, in line with the Federal Constitution and not through the back door.

Hadi also revealed that he opted not to be part of Muhyiddin’s Cabinet so that he could monitor the performance of PAS ministers and deputy ministers in the federal government.

“PAS submitted names for ministers and deputy ministers. We sent our representatives to implement executive duties, to manage and administer to prove PAS’ ability.

“The party needs to monitor (its representatives). That is why I, as president, was not appointed to the Cabinet, to more effectively monitor the government, our ministers and deputy ministers.”

This, he said, was something which PAS members and those who wanted to learn about political Islam needed to understand.