Extend contracts of doctors to deal with Covid-19 crisis, urges MMA

MMA says the load of medical workers can be lightened by doctors who have completed their contracts or retiring medical professionals.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) today urged the government to renew the contracts of doctors who have ended their two years’ compulsory service to help manage the Covid-19 outbreak.

It also said the government should offer new short-term contracts to retiring medical professionals to work in wards, clinics and operation theatres “with the younger generation serving the frontline”.

MMA president Dr N Ganabaskaran said this will add trained personnel to the pool of medical workers involved in helping to contain the outbreak.

In a statement, he said primary care clinics should also be mobilised to assist health authorities.

Dr N Ganabaskaran

“Malaysia has 7,000 general practitioners nationwide who can support the health ministry in the screening process.

“They are experienced and fully trained doctors and have a wider reach of the rakyat,” he said.

Ganabaskaran said neighbouring countries such as Singapore have adopted a similar approach to manage the Covid-19 outbreak in their countries.

Yesterday, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said 1,000 housemen will be placed in government hospitals nationwide to support medical staff busy dealing with the crisis.

However, Ganabaskaran said the 1,000 will be “additional hands helping in the wards but not on the frontline”.

“The 1,000 house officers are also from our public healthcare’s ongoing intakes, most recently for April 2020,” he said.