Include Covid-19 in quarantine leave list, urges Cuepacs

Cuepacs praises employees involved in the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) has suggested that the government consider including Covid-19 in the list of infectious diseases that allows for quarantine leave.

Its president, Adnan Mat, said Covid-19 should be included in Service Circular No 11 (2016), considering that the disease has been declared a pandemic.

The circular pertains to provision for quarantine leave for six infectious diseases, namely hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD); dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever; measles, chickenpox, diphtheria and malaria.

“Cuepacs also expresses its gratitude and appreciation to all employees involved in the handling of Covid-19 and hopes that they remain patient and continue to be dedicated to their work.

“Cuepacs acknowledges the hardship they are going through, yet make no complaints, despite having to work with no fixed time,” he said in a statement today.

It also called on financial institutions to postpone and restructure loan repayments of civil servants and private sector employees whose income has been badly affected by the Covid-19 infection.

“Cuepacs has also received numerous complaints from employees, people who have lost their income and also those who have been asked to go on temporary unpaid leave as many companies and industries have been affected by Covid-19,” he added.

Adnan also said Cuepacs welcomed the initiative by the health ministry to place 1,000 trainee doctors in government hospitals across the country to help smoothen day-to-day operations following the spread of Covid-19.