Senior citizen fined RM400 for spitting on lift buttons

A screengrab from a CCTV showing Ang Hock Beng spitting on the buttons of a lift in Bayan Lepas.

GEORGE TOWN: The man who spat on the lift buttons of an elevator at an apartment in Bayan Lepas was fined RM400 by the Magistrate’s Court after pleading guilty to a nuisance charge today.

Ang Hock Beng, 63, was charged with “purposely spitting” on the lift buttons of an elevator at the Idaman Melur apartment in Sungai Ara at 11.45am on March 15, causing public harm and annoyance to residents.

He was charged under Section 268 of the Penal Code for creating a public nuisance, which carries a maximum fine of RM400 upon conviction.

Ang, a snooker centre assistant, pleaded guilty to the charge before magistrate Nur Azzuin Abdul Moati.

Deputy public prosecutor Rais Imran Hamid had asked the court to mete out the maximum fine as a lesson to others to be civilised during the period of restricted movement.

However, Ang’s lawyer Bommy Subramaniam asked the court for leniency, saying his client was a first-time offender and a divorcee with two children to raise. He added that Ang, who is a heart patient and has diabetes, earns RM900 a month.

The magistrate then ordered Ang to pay RM400 or spend one month in jail.

A video showing Ang’s act went viral yesterday. He was arrested following a police report by a teacher in Perlis who was concerned that Ang might have Covid-19. Ang later tested negative for the virus.