Singapore looks for ways to keep business going

SINGAPORE: Singapore will continue to stay in touch with Malaysia to see how the situation evolves under the Movement Control Order, the republic’s minister for trade and industry Chan Chun Sing said.

“Our priority is to ensure that our people and our businesses are able to continue with their lives and their livelihoods,” he said in an immediate response after Malaysia declared a two-week partial lockdown to battle the Covid-19 crisis.

The order, the first in the country’s history, was announced by the prime minister in a live broadcast at about 10pm.

Chan advised businesses that employ Malaysian workers, who commute between Singapore and Malaysia daily, that they may have to activate their Business Continuity Plans.

Yesterday Singapore announced new border restrictions on travellers, including those from Asean, requiring them to go into a 14-day self-isolation.

However, it does not include Singapore’s sea and land crossings with Malaysia, meaning Malaysians and Singaporeans can commute from both sides as usual.

Special considerations have been put in place for Malaysia because of the close proximity and high interdependency between both countries, the government said.