Sabah restaurants roll out delivery service to survive 2-week MCO

Empty restaurants in Kota Kinabalu following a nationwide order to ban dine-in outlets for two weeks.

KOTA KINABALU: Eateries here are bracing for a tough two weeks by setting up their own delivery services, as the nationwide movement control order (MCO) begins today.

Many of the restaurants here only depended on dine-in customers.

One such outlet is Sri Bongawan Cafe.

“How are we to cover bills like electricity, water, workers’ salaries and rental if we we are to close down until March 31? We have to pay the bills somehow.

“So our shop will take delivery orders and my workers and I will hop on our motorcycles to send the food,” cafe manager Ag Mohd Hadzrul Mohd Yunus told FMT.

The MCO announced on Monday stipulates that all offices and businesses are to be closed as authorities sought to step up measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, which has so far infected over 600 people and claimed two lives in Malaysia.

Authorities have allowed grocery stores, closed markets and sundry shops to remain open, while restaurants and eateries are banned from accepting dine-in customers.

Hadzrul is hoping business will pick up during the two-week stay home order.

Christ Jamianus carries food to be delivered to customers.

“To be honest, business has been down over the past two years but became worse in January.

“Many other SMEs like workshops and carwash operators are also complaining, especially with the coronavirus situation. How will small businesses like ours survive if this situation drags on?” Hadzrul said.

Little Sulap, a restaurant located in the city centre, has also come up with their own delivery service, in addition to big players like Foodpanda and Morefun.

“MCO will seriously disrupt our business. But the cash on delivery service will help us stay in business,” said co-owner Christ Jamianus.