Stay put, students remaining on campuses told

The higher education ministry says the institutions’ managements are responsible for the students’ safety.

PETALING JAYA: Students of higher education institutions such as universities, polytechnics and community colleges who are still on the campuses are required to stay within the campus premises and not return to their hometowns or homelands even though travel tickets may have been purchased.

The higher education ministry has advised these students to report to the institutions’ managements, saying the managements were responsible for their safety.

This is included in a FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet released today on the  movement control order (MCO) announced by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and enforced from March 18 to 31.

The ministry said all operations in public and private universities were fully closed except for essential services such as water, electricity, energy, telecommunications, posts, transportation, broadcasting, finance, banking, health, pharmacy, security, cleaning, retail and food supply.

It said cafeterias could remain open but only for takeaways and delivery,

E-learning is allowed to be conducted only for universities that offer and implement full online learning. For universities that do not offer full online learning courses, online learning is not allowed to ensure no student would miss out due to a lack of access to the internet.

Industrial training and work-based learning are suspended during the period, with the exception of training under the essential services industry.

All suspended learning activities, classes and programmes affected by the MCO are not required to be replaced, the ministry said.

The polytechnic final examinations would be rescheduled from April 6 until April 23 to April 13 to May 3. For the community college, the final examinations would take place on April 6 until April 17 instead of March 23 until April 11.

Meanwhile, the education ministry said similar rules apply to matriculation students and trainee teachers staying in dormitories who did not return home before the MCO came into effect. They are required to remain where they are.

It said the welfare of the students and trainees would be overseen by the campus managements and wardens.

Trainee teachers and matriculation and boarding school students who went home before the MCO came into effect could return on April 1 or at a date to be announced later.

All premises under the ministry’s purview, including tahfiz centres and international schools, would be closed for two weeks.

The ministry also said students were not allowed to attend tuition, additional classes, sports training and co-curricular activities during the period.

It also said Teacher’s Day celebrations would be cancelled.