Sarawak readies 3 more Covid-19 quarantine centres

Sarawak is waiting for test results on 340 ‘persons under investigation’.

KUCHING: Three more venues here have been identified as quarantine centres for Covid-19 cases, said state Disaster Management Committee chairman Douglas Uggah Embas.

The three new quarantine centres are Institut Kemajuan Desa, Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (Intan) Sarawak, and the Tun Abdul Razak Campus Teacher’s Training College.

He said the Institut Kemajuan Desa would be ready in three days’ time.

“We need these three places in the event we have a spillover from the Sarawak General Hospital and the Sarawak Public Health College, which serve as quarantine centres at present,” he said.

Only persons under investigation (PUI) cases will be sent there and not those who are tested positive, he said.

These quarantine centres would be guarded round the clock by security personnel and the public would not come into close contact with the PUI, he added.

Today, Uggah said Sarawak had recorded one new positive case of Covid-19, bringing the total up to 51 since March 13, when the first three cases were reported.

More such positive cases were being discovered, he said. As such, Sarawak could not afford to relax its stand in stopping the virus from spreading.

He said Sarawak had recorded 683 PUI, of which 292 had been tested negative and 340 are awaiting laboratory tests.

Most of these cases were “imported”. Uggah urged the people to stay at home and shun crowded places.

“We do not want people from the cities or towns to rush home to their longhouses or villages in rural areas.

“We also do not want big crowds in coffeeshops, restaurants, airports, buses and so forth,” he said.

Uggah urged those with fever, coughing or respiratory difficulty to go to the nearest health department or hospital for screening.

“Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, use hand sanitisers and practise social distancing to keep the virus at bay.

“Those who need to observe the 14-day home quarantine should be fully committed to it to prevent the disease from spreading,” he said.