Sarawak on lookout for 4 returning from tabligh in Indonesia

Deputy Chief Minister James Masing says the four are still in Indonesia and the authorities will ensure they don’t sneak into the state through illegal crossings.

KUCHING: Enforcement authorities in Sarawak are on the lookout for the return of four Sarawakians who had left the state to attend a tabligh rally in Indonesia, which was later cancelled over fears of Covid-19.

The tabligh event at Gowa, near the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi province, was stopped after a similar event held in Kuala Lumpur led to hundreds of Covid-19 infections.

Deputy Chief Minister James Masing said all four were allowed to return to Sarawak. However, it is compulsory for them to undergo a screening test and be placed under quarantine for fear they could spread the Covid-19 virus in the state.

He said all four are currently still in Indonesia.

“They have not returned yet and we’re on the lookout for their return so they won’t sneak into the state through illegal crossings.

“We know who they are and the Immigration Department has all their details.

“However, to be safe, we’ll get the army’s assistance to watch out for any illegal crossing,” he said.

Masing said the authorities earlier were unable to stop the four individuals from leaving the state because the movement control order (MCO) was not issued when they left the country on March 16.

“The MCO was only issued on March 18,” he said.