Show respect to Covid-19 patients who come forward, says Najib

Patients in Kota Kinabalu waiting to be examined. Former PM Najib Razak said Covid-19 cases should be shown respect and not insulted.

PETALING JAYA: Former Prime Minister Najib Razak has spoken out in defence of patients found positive for Covid-19, following what he said was widespread backlash and stigma against them by the general public.

Those who should be made to feel guilty are people who have had close contact with positive patients but refuse to alert or report themselves to the health authorities.

Patients who came forward to seek treatment were brave and responsible, he said.

“They were victims. They did not ask to get infected. Why should patients of Covid-19 need to apologise? They are not guilty.

“They did not violate any Malaysian laws. Many other noted people including Hollywood celebrities have tested positive for Covid-19 too. It’s not that they wanted to get infected, they are the victims.

“This includes those who have contacted MoH willingly because they know they were exposed to the risk, and had to be screened or go through quarantine.

“They are brave. They are responsible and should be praised, not criticised or insulted,” he said in a Facebook posting this evening.

He urged the people not to spread personal data and identities of Covid-19 patients on social media, unless it was permitted by the victims.

A total of 1,183 Covid-19 positive cases have been reported so far, with a total of 8 deaths.