Covid-19 ‘as blind as love’, says patient on the road to recovery

Dentonel Misa at Tumpat Hospital in Kelantan where he is being quarantined for Covid-19.

KUCHING: Offshore worker Dentonel Misa has no idea where, when or how he contracted Covid-19, but now, on the road to recovery, his advice to everyone is to just stay at home.

“It could be at the airport, on a flight, at a hotel or anywhere,” the 37-year-old from Sarawak told FMT.

“Covid-19 is as blind as love. Anyone can get infected by it.”

Misa, who works in Kelantan, said he began experiencing a high fever on March 1 with his temperature spiking between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.

“I was shivering and sweating and did not have any appetite.

“On March 3, I decided to seek treatment at a private hospital and requested to be tested for Covid-19, but unfortunately the private hospital I went to did not have the test kit for the virus.

“The medical staff only gave me a blood test and told me I did not meet the criteria of those who are likely to be infected by the virus,” he said, adding that he had not travelled to any country affected by Covid-19.

The doctor prescribed him Panadol and antibiotics, and Misa returned to work on March 5. However, his fever soon returned.

“On March 7, I developed a dry cough and by March 9, I had run out of medication. I started feeling weak and I had breathing difficulties.

“I felt very cold and had to sleep at the toilet of my workplace clinic because that was the only place with no air conditioning.”

Misa had to be airlifted from his rig later that day. He was sent to Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II in Kota Bharu where he was warded for four days.

He said he was treated for a lung infection in a normal ward and discharged on March 13.

“My fever went down and I only had a mild cough,” he said, adding that he had yet to test positive for the virus as the hospital staff maintained that he did not meet the criteria.

However, on March 17, he decided to try going for a test at another private hospital.

“The first test came out negative, but the second one came out positive two days later.”

Misa was quarantined at Tumpat Hospital in Kelantan where he remains until his next test, which is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Although the virus is still in his system, he is feeling much better now.

“I’m no longer taking any medication and do not need respiratory aid. In fact, I can perform light exercises,” he said.

He said recovery depends on the patient as there is presently no medication or vaccine to treat those who are infected by the virus.

He also urged the people to adhere to the government’s directive to stay at home.

“My advice for everyone is to take the government’s orders seriously and prevent the virus from spreading any further.”