Low-cost apartment dwellers suffer in silence with MCO in place

The PPR Lembah Subang 1, Ara Damansara opened in 2000.

PETALING JAYA: It is not easy to adhere to the social distancing requirement for low-cost apartment residents as their homes are small and cramped.

The limited space in the homes made it easy for residents, especially the children, to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable as all of them have to be indoors at the same time now, very different from their normal routines.

In the wake of the movement control order (MCO), introduced to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, FMT found that most families at the PPR Lembah Subang 1 apartments in Ara Damansara complained of discomfort and difficulty in obtaining enough food.

The flat was quiet when an FMT reporter went there. The only people outside were food delivery riders.

The apartments are so crowded that finding an empty parking space is a challenge. On top of that, it is infested with rats and cockroaches.

There was no hand sanitiser on the guard’s desk beside the lifts.

Ahmad Zaini Hassan (left) is the sole breadwinner of the family. His wife, Rosyamsiah Derus, has lost her source of income selling kuih.

Rosyamsiah Derus and her husband said their children, aged 12 and 7, were throwing a fit because they were not allowed to play outside. The elder child, aged 15, better understands the situation.

She used to supplement the family income by selling kuih but the movement restriction period has put a stop to it.

At another house, FMT found the food was barely enough for the family, as they were careful to stretch what they have over the next few days.

Everyone FMT spoke to feared what would happen if the MCO was prolonged even further. They said their income would be severely affected and their lives would become dreadful.